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The Nicer Group is transforming how people & organisations work

Here at Nicer we put individuals first - We act as long term career "Agents" 

Our career development platforms NicerWork & NicerConsult are designed to help individuals fundamentally transform their careers. Using Nicer innovative data driven technology, a unique relationship network, combined with industry coaches and experts, we design and enable career paths that truly unleash the potential and aspirations of each and every one of our members.

Our client facing solutions NicerCapital & NicerTeams, allow organisations to fully access and engage the right human capital to provide the very best insight to support critical business decisions and create coherent teams maximising the quality of execution.


We reduce risk, drive profitability, find the right resources, minimise staff churn and amplify productivity of "accelerator teams".

For individuals

For organisations

People in employment looking to enhance their careers or offering unique sector expertise.  Members are invited through recommendation and have their expertise independently validated.

Business Meeting


Independent consultants  offering deep insight of key subjects within their industry.  All consultants have industry experience, have been referred and have had their expertise independently verified.   

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A financial services focussed platform connecting clients with vetted consultants & subject matter experts. Access a unique expert  network, research services, data insight & industry knowledge.

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Recruit, engage and retain the very best people for your organisation.   Our "transform" model of people management switches waste recruitment fees into long term people investment.

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