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Our Values

Sustainable Energy

Our Values

The Potential of Every Human Being

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Every Human Being has the potential to achieve greatness in both their work and personal life.  At Nicer we seek to discover the individual nature of each person, the things that inspire them, the skills and capabilities that define their expertise and bring together these dimensions to realise the most rewarding work-life balance.

Honesty and Truth in Your Potential

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Knowing who we are, knowing what we excel at, what makes us happy, understanding our aspirations, sets the foundation for a rewarding life.  We believe that it is only through truthful exchange of what we want and what organisations are looking for can work be truly fulfilling.  We strive to ensure all data and information about you is accurate, relevant and timely to guide you and match you with people and organisations where the connection is mutually most beneficial and rewarding.

Treating Everyone as Equal

Each of us has huge potential.  The environment in which you live and the opportunities that present themselves to you to achieve your ambitions should be available to everyone and not a select few.  At Nicer we seek to open doors, create opportunities and enable possibilities for you through our relationship network and provide you with the knowledge of what you need to do to realise your future.

Environmental, Social, and Governance


We strive to align our whole business with a less than 1.5°C warming scenario. This includes not only reducing and offsetting the emissions generated by our own operations and supply chain but also educating and empowering our people to do the same and supporting our clients in developing and implementing their own net zero strategies.  We encourage a policy of remote working with our teams and with client engagements.


Remote Working
Our business is founded on the principal that we should all strive to achieve a balance between work and personal life  We are committed to our staff and members in pursuit of this goal and we believe in maximising their potential by extending our focus beyond our four walls and applying it to the communities around us.


Government Building
Our management team is supported by an Executive Advisor board.  This team has extensive industry and consulting expertise with ex-Partners of both PWC and Deloitte forming our advisory team.   
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