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Optimising your organisation by optimising your teams

NicerTeams provides innovative data-driven insights on your people, an employee career development platform and industry leading advisory services to transform how you attract, recruit and develop your teams to reduce employee churn, maximise productivity and enhance your profit.

Our Solutions

NicerTeams revolutionises employee management and lifecycles to transform your business.

Understanding your culture, how this is perceived in the market and how it matches against the people you want to attract, is critical in todays highly competitive marketplace.

Gone are the days of the transactional recruitment model. Join Nicer and access the recruitment model of the future to build a sustainable practice that reduces cost and hires the right people for you. 

Optimise your employee onboarding by accessing customised processes and content tailored for your employees. Rapidly gain insight on new employees to ensure efficient assimilation into your teams. Better yet, use this technology to 'Reboard' your team to get valuable insight into your current teams' capabilities and working styles. 

Put your people first. Nicer was created to help each individual achieve their dream career. By putting your people first and investing in their career development, you ensure you build a culture that truly cares for your staff; building a relationship that optimises employee productivity, engagement and personal fulfilment with your organisation.  

Access aggregate data from employees that offers insight on key factors underpinning your organisation's success. Work alongside industry experts to analyse this insight to dramatically increase productivity and drive profit. 

Optimise how your employees work when they are at your organisation, by showing you truly care about their future. With NicerTeams, you create an end-to-end employee experience that optimises brand advocacy when your team members move on. When leaving, Nicer members can access the extensive Nicer network to find new opportunities, coaching, training and much more to support their transition.  

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