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Nicer Group 

Optimising your career

NicerWork is a private network for senior executives who are optimising their career. 

A private executive network created by industry leaders 

Through elite customised coaching, on-going development content & support and outcome-centric strategic networking, NicerWork is revolutionising how our members approach their career to realise their true value.

Design your career

Identify your current capabilities, where you want to go & design an actionable career plan to fulfil your aspirations

Build your brand & maximise your value

Establish your unique identity, credibility & visibility to generate opportunities and stand out in a competitive market

Strategic Networking 

Nicer saves you time by identifying and personally introducing you to the right people to achieve your personal goals.

Connect to specialised mentors

Work with successful industry executives to accelerate your career 


Invitation only private development programs hosted by industry leaders in Financial Services, Fintech & IT

Private circles

Join small private 5 -15 person circles with senior execs at your level and in your domain to exchange ideas, expertise & connections relevant to you

The Nicer network

For independent consultants  too

NicerConsult transforms your consulting business through leveraging our expertise & the Nicer network.

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